1982275_894777413905190_3522569235630203699_nWelcome to the “Adventures of a Jamaican Girl”. My name is Sashae Mitchell, a Jamaican student presently pursuing a Master’s in International Educational Development at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. I am interested in examining how post-colonial societies, particularly those in the Caribbean, find innovative ways to finance their education systems given the lack of financial resources. Additionally, I would like to continue exploring educational policies around teacher education and retention in the developing world. I am also passionate about youth empowerment, advocating and amplifying the voices of those most marginalized in the education sector.

As part of my program, I will be spending three months (June-August) in South Africa interning with an educational research organization. I will be working at the Johannesburg and Cape Town offices where I will contribute to various projects

This blog will help me process my experiences in South Africa as I work to refine and even expand my interests in international education. Please join me on this adventure and let’s explore and learn about Johannesburg and Cape Town together!

Sunset in Johannesburg

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