Welcome to the Food section of this blog! Here, I will share the variety of foods that I’ve been enjoying in South Africa. Some of these posts will include a recipe while others will be quick snapshots. Do enjoy!

Oxtail and Cow Liver

Oxtail Linguine – The picture on the left is a dish I had at Moyo, a popular restaurant at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg. This reminded me of oxtails, a popular dish we eat in Jamaica.

Cow Liver, Chicken, Pap, Shaka Lacka and Coleslaw – We shared this meal in Soweto at a local restaurant. Pap, the white dish is made from mealie meal or cornmeal. Shaka lacka, the orange dish in the middle is a combination of peppers and onions.

During apartheid, the government categorized people into 4 racial groups which still persist today. These groups are blacks, whites, coloureds and indians. Each group has its own unique culture and history. A few of my colleagues at work identify as coloureds and decided to introduce me to aspects of their culture, specifically some of the foods they enjoy. This section of the page will explore some of the foods they shared with me.

Orange and China Fruit – The pictures below show the step by step process of how to enjoy orange and china fruit. 

Step 1 – You have to make sure the orange is relatively soft. If not, you have to roll it, to make sure its soft.

Step 2 – You cut open the top of the orange to put the china fruit deep inside

Step 3 – Place the china fruit inside the orange

Step 4 – Enjoy the orange and china fruit by sucking the juice from the hole at the top. The juice should be infused with the flavour from the china fruit.

Step 5 – Once you have enjoyed the juice, take the orange a part and enjoy the inside.

Step 6- Discard the orange peel


Ouma Tande (Afrikaans word for Granny Teeth). This multicolored treat will remind you of sugar coated popcorn. IMG_9097

Salada Fria – This simple Portuguese dish includes potatoes, tuna, eggs, onion, cilantro and olives.


Chicken Licken – One of the BEST fast food spots in South Africa! What seems like simple chicken wings, is pure goodness!


Bobotie – A traditional Cape Malay dish (A Curry Flavored Meatloaf)


Dishes from District Six